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Egyptian Classics: Al-Mumia (1969)

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103 minuten


Chadi Abdel Salam

Studio Arabesquo x Cinema de Vlugt presenteren: Al-Mumia

Gesproken taal: Arabisch
Ondertiteling: Engels

Set in 1881, a year before the start of British colonial rule, it is based on the true story of the Abd el-Rasuls, an Upper-Egyptian clan that had been robbing a cache of mummies they have discovered at tomb DB320 near the village of Kurna, and selling the artifacts on the black market. After a conflict within the clan, one of its members made a crucial decision when the Antiquities Service arrived.

Al-Mumia: The Night of Counting the Years  is often regarded as one of the greatest Egyptian films ever made. It is based on a true story: in 1881, precious objects from the Tanite dynasty started turning up for sale, and it was discovered that the Horabat tribe had been secretly raiding the tombs of the Pharaohs in Thebes. A rich theme, and an astonishing piece of cinema with a powerful grasp of time and the poetry it carries. The carefully measured pace, the classical spoken Arabic, the haunting score by the great Italian composer Mario Nascimbene, all work in perfect harmony. The film has a sense of history like no other, and Italian director Roberto Rossellini agreed to lend his name to the project after reading the script. It features actress Nadia Lutfi, a superstar during the Golden Age of Egyptian Cinema.

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